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E.S.P and Crystals 

Las Vegas~Potomac~Chicago~Miami

About Us

Our Story

How We Started

We have a family practice since 1998 

Our goal is to show people the amazing changes natural gems can create in your life.

Our Concept and Style

We have the finest. selection of Gem Stones, Crystals, Jewelry,  and Fossils.

Our Grandfather Hayworth Crystal (yes that was his last name) created a legacy in his lifes work to help bring awareness to our inner selfs, and the natural healing abilities these amazing minerals and crystals have. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance

We 100% guarantee the authenticity of all our Gem Stones, Crystals, Caves and Fossils. 

They are all hand picked by us from Brazil and Uruguay

Elegant Product

Our Jewelry can be dressed up for a more elegant look, or dressed down for a more casual approach. Either way you are able to customize yourself. 

Unique Designs

All of our items are totally unique. 

You will not find our products any where else. 

Affordable Price

With the edge we have in the holistic field, as well as the mines that are  accessible to us, we are able to keep prices manageable for all our clients.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The Most amazing quality and the most helpful staff at ESP and CRYSTALS

Jane Dawson -